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Oh, yes, yes. As you can see-- my groups, favs and everything, I like Golden Sun. >A< Played every sequel and liked every character-- wait. No.

Anyway, *starts some random gibberish* aofihaoihsgfajf;afjasfjf. WHY. WHY DOES MUDSHIPPING STILL EXISTS!? IT BREAKS MY HEART BECAUSE I'M A LOYAL VALESHIPPING FAN. D: Why do I like that shipping? Simple, I'm Matthew's fangirl-- wait, what?

...Matthew, stop Yaoi-ing with Alex-- and Karis and Sveta, *clears throat* Well, ermm..
No, stahp, Amiti. Do not rape Rief. DD: He's too young for this and-- well, okay. Go ahead.
Eoleo... Y-You..look great when you genderbent. I want to see you in skirts--
Heart and Spade will never be compatible with each other... Um, I think yes.
Sveta's ears are hard to draw. D: I can make the left one perfect, but I mess with the other.
*sees good fanarts* I'll definitely submit a fanart to Camelot and slap it to their faces once I get better. If ever I get better, though. xD After all, I stopped doing it for like-- five years?
STAHP! No more Mudshi-- *sees Apollo/Spiritshipping* Golly. *O* That. That. I want.
*clicks the next page; sees Matthew before the next page appears* W-Wait, wait, wait, waaaaaaait. *presses back button; finds out that it was just Isaac* Oh, Isaac. DD: </3

^ My reactions while writing this and browsing some Golden Sun pictures.

List of shipping that I therefore approve :likeaboss: :
Valeshipping (Isaac and Jenna)
Lighthouseshipping (Felix and Sheba)
Swampshipping (Felix and Piers) - What just happened here.
Imilishipping (Alex and Mia) - Or, the shipping for Veriti and Alex. <3
Sparkshipping (Tyrell and Karis) - I find them cute especially when-- no. I would write that on my next journal entry. 8D

That's it. I would love to elaborate why-- but, meh. Maybe, I'll do that on my next journal entry. xD

I would want to add Apolloshipping here since both Sveta and Matthew were so romantic when the beastman wanted the blonde's help. 8D I want to create a fanfic for them too. 8D

You see, I got this history-- what am I saying. T T

I got this history about Golden Sun.. I've played Golden Sun 1 on an old desktop computer when it was released. I was stuck at the Sol Sanctum because I really didn't have any idea on what to do to that Sol and Luna marks.. So, I stopped. When I got my own laptop, I totally forgot about the game. I couldn't remember what made me remember this but, I suddenly started searching for one Golden Sun picture. I found a lot, and that made me happy. And then lately, I realized that I haven't finished the game yet. It's a bit confusing for me (since I got a mind like Tyrell/Teri does) yet, I still decided to play it.

Since my Colored GBA SP lost its charger (the GBA is still working), I really need to find a way on how to get back to my childhood game. I also luckily played it on my GBA before the charger flew away..

I disobeyed everything. I used almost all of the emulators that were compatible to the seven roms I have for Dark Dawn (I'm just using a broadband with maximum of 800MB downloads. So, my downloading muse is really limited). My broadband got even banned because of me downloading a lot of roms for that game. I was only using iDEAS that time. I really didn't know that DeSmuMe exists. When I found DeSmuMe, I got my life. xD

I tried to search for some walkthroughs, and gladly, it helped me escape the Golden Sun sequels (yes, up to Dark Dawn). ORLY. I know I'm lame at stories-- but, that's all I got. xD I summarized everything, though. But do not worry, Camelot! I'll definitely buy an NDS and the game card, and play it there-- once I get enough money. D:

To those who want to talk to my Sveta account in Facebook, please add this:…

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